The Joke's On You!

When I was in second grade, my teacher played a good hearted prank on her coworker. We spent some time in class making some icky goo (flour, food coloring and something chunky were among the components) that could pass for a seven year old's vomit. We spread it all over one of my classmates and sent him wobbling off to the unsuspecting teacher. After giving her a good scare we all yelled, "APRIL FOOLS!!!" It was funny. Everyone laughed and had a good time. Oh to be a kid again...

I learned somewhere in my later teens that I am horribly gullible. Every year on April 1st I throw my guard up. I am aware of, careful and attentive to potential pranksters. The problem is, it takes me at least one good one until I get that guard well enough up. Last year, Jill managed to convince me that she was converting to Jehovah's Witness. I'll give it to her... she was good. She waited until the end of the day when I was least suspecting, had a whole background story and then laid it on thick. I was panicked in the fifteen minutes between her and I dropping her "conversion" conversation for more lighthearted chat and her telling me "APRIL FOOLS!!!" I was relieved and perhaps a little bit irked.

This morning, I (albeit momentarily) could not believe my eyes!!! Was Sojourner's really telling me that Rush Limbaugh was joining Jim Wallis to be a keynote speaker for Sojo's Mobilization to End Poverty, that Wallis and Limbaugh were *GASP* friends?!??? When it got to the part about Limbaugh giving half his possessions to the poor and quoted him saying, "The way Kathy Lee needed Regis, that's the way y'all need Jesus" - well, that's when I finally caught on. Kudos to you Ryan Rodrick Beiler. You got me. And I'm woman enough to admit it...

I hate April Fools Day.



  1. I can't believe you fell for Jill's prank. I'm sure she was good, but come on now! I wish I were clever enough to do something funny on April Fool's Day...

  2. You should meet me out in DC! I am going to Mobilization to end poverty sojo conference! And...somewhat relieved Rush will NOT be there!

  3. Jill told me about that JW conversion story last night! My favorite part was when you apparently said, "hang on a sec," ran upstairs, and retrieved your impressively vast collection of theological books to "check out a few things." I love it! And it also really made me miss you... :( I cannot wait to see you, Cat!!!

  4. For the record, I did not do that... I thought about it, and intended to after she left the room, but didn't. That Jill... such a jokester.