Caramel Apples, Mountains, and Sun

Wow... I've been back from Utah for a couple of days and I finally feel like I'm over my self-inflicted sleep deprivation. The cure: sleeping 12 hours in one night. That's right. Twelve. I won't lie... I can sleep, but even that is a little excessive for me.

Utah was amazing!! Thank you to everyone I got to spend time with! I had a blast, felt so incredibly loved, and I'm even more excited to get back to Salt Lake. I'm so thankful for such great friends, an amazing church community that feels just like family, and my old roommates who are so giving, loving and prayerful. I had so much fun being back by those awesome mountains, playing Wii with Heidi and Daniel, being outside in the beautiful, sunny weather (I really miss places like Liberty Park and Park City...), going to K2 and getting the chance to surprise a couple of my students, hanging out with the middle school group for a night. It was better than I could have predicted, imagined or asked for.

God willing, I'll be home (that would be Utah for those of you who are a little slow on the uptake) in three months! I can't wait to see what God has in store!


Enjoy some pictures from the trip:

Chimay and sweet potato fries at The Bayou is tradition

My awesome roommate

Hanging out with the Vertical leaders

Things you only see in Utah

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