Strawberry Fields Forever

I discovered another reason why I think Southern California isn't so bad! I live in Ventura County and strawberries are one of our top crops! This means that come early spring strawberry stands pop up all over the sides of roads so you can buy strawberries picked that day on one of the many farms in Ventura County. Plus, every year we have the California Strawberry Festival. I'm sorry, but you can't get freshly picked strawberries in Salt Lake City. So today on my way home I pulled off into the dust on the side of the road where someone was selling delicious, juicy, sweet, organically farmed, freshly picked strawberries!! I sampled one (yummmmy!), exchanged some conversation with the vendor and got myself back on the road with a flat of strawberries filling my car with fruity fragrance! I chopped all the tops off of them tonight (to make them easier to eat) and then dunked some in some chocolate and put them in the refrigerator. They should be ready jjjuuussst abooouttt............. NOW! I'm off to enjoy!



  1. I'm so jealous... There's a stand about a mile from my parents' house that has always had the best strawberries.

    But I have to disagree--you can get fresh strawberries in Utah (there is actually a Strawberry, UT, I believe). They just come in July or August.

  2. Really?? You'll have to show me where. Utah doesn't really seem a suitable place for strawberry crops. Then again... What do I know?

  3. Mmmm! Our neighbor grows strawberries. We ate 2 that had grown through the fence into our yard, but they weren't great. Maybe they weren't ready, or just a different kind of plant. Anyway, I'm hoping we can plant a few different kinds of berries pretty soon here. Berries are pretty much the food of the gods!