Why I Love Cadbury

Oh, sweet bliss... Spring is (almost) here and those delicious, sweet, tasty Cadbury Creme eggs are once more gracing the shelves of every grocery store, drug store, convenient store, any store really! Recently, I've done a fabulous job at frequenting the gym and kicking my work out routine into gear. So you may ask me, "Cat, is it really worth it to indulge in some chocolatey goodness and derail the hard work you've been doing?" My answer is: YES. This year, Cadbury has given me, and every other chocolate and fondant loving soul, more of an incentive. So Jo, start the stockpiling. Friends, get ready for Easter. This is... Why I Love Cadbury:

Most people don't know that 35% of the world's chocolate (used in a lot of the chocolate that we eat) is made from cocoa beans harvested in Cote D'Ivoire, Africa by child slaves. Stop The Traffik is committed to bringing justice to all children exploited by the chocolate industry, and Cadbury has announced that they are going traffik free!!!!! Now, admittedly, their chocolate won't be guaranteed until the end of the summer, but hey, this company is actually in the works to make sure that all of their products are fair trade. So if any chocolate manufacturer is going to get some business this spring Cadbury is definitely most worthy of our dolla dolla bills. And let's face it people... It's Easter. So unless you are among the brave souls foregoing chocolate for lent, you're gonna eat it! So thank you Cadbury for committing your company to justice and change. You've definitely got my business!



  1. That is seriously cool. Man, I ate so much Cadbury in Lesotho. Soooo much...

  2. i ate all the eggs you sent me for my birthday. i had to pace myself. i can't wait till they go on clearance :)