An overuse of the word "Amazing"

My best friend, Jo, came to visit me this week. Thank you Allegiant Air for $9 plane tickets (yes, it's true). No thank you Allegiant Air for trying to charge Jo for her water.

This week we:

We went to the Fashion District in LA. It was hot and smelly, and I felt really bad for the little turtles. I also was not a fan of having to pay 50 cents to use the restroom. But Jo and I had a good time. I'd say one of the highlights of the trip was making it back from downtown LA, during rush hour, in one hour and ten minutes. Amazing...

We spent Wednesday in Pasadena enjoying a perfect day. Got a little tired (shopping tires me out), but a little caffeine and the smell of books at Barnes & Noble and I was up and running again in no time. Add to that Matt James joining us for amazing food at amazing prices, amazing weather, and an amazing server at McCormick and Schmick's Happy Hour, some Pinkberry frozen yogurt, running into Dr. Hodgins from Bones at Ikea in Burbank, and you've got yourself a great day!!

Yesterday we went to The Getty Villa in Malibu with my mom. The art was incredible, but we all agreed that the building that housed the art was almost more amazing. It was beautiful! If you're in California, go check it out. You just have to pay for parking. The Getty Center in LA is awesome as well, but definitely not as aesthetically pleasing.

Jo left today, which was sad, but she left chocolate on my pillow. What a great friend!! Also, those of you that know Jo will appreciate that she smuggled Chipotle back to Medford, OR by wrapping it in aluminum, putting ice over it, and putting the lid on it. I hope it worked and Todd is satisfied.


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