Free time, la dee da

Once again I got called off of work. When I say "called off" what I mean is that the manager calls me and asks if I want the day off. Even when I don't want the day off, I still oblige because I'm a pushover. I know that it will help them if I don't come in, and I want to be helpful. But it doesn't help me because I'm poor. Anyone got a backbone you can lend me?

So as I drove to It's A Grind for my cup of joe (addicted) I thought about the fact that I have an over abundance of free time. How did this happen? When I moved to Utah I immediately started working at both K2 and PF Chang's. About 8 months later I picked up job #3, working for Calcutta Mercy Ministries. Then my internship at K2 ended, giving me some free time although I still volunteered. Then... I moved to California. Job count: ZERO. February rolled around, no Israel, no money so I started working at PF Chang's out here. But then again... can you really call it work? I don't.

Hmm, I thought, what could be the meaning of all of this? I've been blessed. Blessed with a lot of free time to assess myself. Painful, but then again, God answers prayers so despite the discomfort of self-assessment, God is good. Sure, sometimes I want a break from figuring out my life and I get a little bored, but I'm reading three books right now, I write letters, I cook, I clean, I get to go to Oregon this weekend, and in an hour I leave for the Dodgers game. Not to mention, I am a Su Doku master. And, no, I am not ashamed. I'm happy today.


P.S. My mom was admitted to the hospital today for an infection in her foot that they need to treat through IVs. Sheesh, when will that woman get a break? What are my marching orders? "Catherine, if you do not go to that Dodgers game and get your Casey Blake bobblehead I will be sorely disappointed in you. Don't even think of coming to visit me because I want to see that bobblehead. Do you understand?" Yes, ma'am. Did I mention we're big Dodgers fans? Anyway, prayer is always good!! Thanks!

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  1. Your poor mommy! We will pray for her, in addition to our prayers for you. I think I'll call you tomorrow night. Oooh...we should talk while we watch SYTYCD. That would be kinda fun, huh? I miss you. Love love love.