Why I Write

I write because I am alive. Not because I feel alive, or I need to feel alive, but because I am. Alive.
I see writing as a duty. I see literacy as a privilege. I see education, knowledge, setting seeing eyes to paper as privilege. So writing becomes a natural response born of a grateful heart.
I have never believed that words don’t hurt. Words do far greater damage than sticks and stones. They kick the crap out of people everyday.
But words… words can also elevate. They can encourage, edify, strengthen, affirm. They can set free…
Freedom. We are free to choose our words carefully or not. We can choose to speak of love not hate.
compassion not oppression.
peace not war.
justice not the status quo.
So I write. Everyday I write.


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  1. Awesome, girl! This post does what you want it to...it affirms and frees. It also does more...it challenges! Thanks for sharing.